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Top tips for what to grow in 2016 (2 replies)

8 years ago
yellowclare 8 years ago


Does anyone have any tips for what I can put in my baskets and containers for 2016. I love Begonia Apricot Shades and usually have a few baskets of these. But I am keen to try something different this spring. Any ideas?

8 years ago
steve 8 years ago

Petunia 'Easy Wave' always performs well in baskets

8 years ago
Rosyposy 8 years ago

Hi yellowclare

Have you signed yourself up for Thompson & Morgan's newsletters?

I'm always tempted by the emails they send me - yesterday's was 15% off Petunias and there are lots of different varieties to choose from. I couldn't resist the 'Surfinia' for my hanging baskets and there's a new one called 'purple rocket' which I'll have in a pot with a wigwam for it to climb up on my patio. 

I bet you'll find something to tempt you.


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