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Starting from scratch! (6 replies)

9 years ago
Agnes 9 years ago


Having recently moved into my first home, I am now excitedly planning my garden remodel for next spring! I've thrown in lots of spring bulbs at the front but the back needs a lot of work!

I love gardening but can only dedicate little time as I am very busy bee! Does anyone have any recommendations for fuss free gardening?

I have some potted hydrangea's that I am going to transfer into the garden, but would like more! I'll be throwing in some Buddleja Buzz too!

9 years ago
NewHomeNewGarden 9 years ago

Hi Agnes,

Funnily enough I was in the same position earlier this year too! 🙂 Sadly the back garden was not looked after by the previous owner, so I have spent a lot of time tidying it up and removing plants which have become too straggly. I am also looking to replant it, but I still have a bit of weeding and tidying to do first.

As you have already mentioned, hydrangeas are pretty low maintenance and can create a beautiful display in a garden. An old neighbour of mine had one in their front garden which they cut back really hard and it keeps coming back every year into an amazing ball shape with massive flower heads.

I think shrubs are pretty good and reasonably fuss free. I have recently planted some lonicera hedging (I have a low fence so wanted some screening of some sort). Bareroots are perfect for hedging and relatively low cost too. You can get anything from lonicera to yew etc. Lavender will also create a lovely border and bring fragrance to your garden.

Good luck 🙂

Newbie to gardening with a little bit of horti knowledge but still needing all the advice I can get

9 years ago
Agnes 9 years ago


Yes I thought of Lavender too. I want with perennials & shrubs with a few pots of annuals for the summer colour.

Not a fan of Lonicera myself but can appreciate its uses! I have always fancied training a mixture of early & late flowering Clematis types to create a wall of relatively easy colour. 

9 years ago
Rosyposy 9 years ago

Hi Agnes

It sounds as though you've got a good idea about what you'd like your garden to look like. Annuals will give you instant colour in the summer whilst your perennials and shrubs get established - great idea! I love floaty romantic flowers like sweet peas, gypsophila and lobelia. Or English country flowers like hollyhocks and cornflowers.

There's so much choice! My garden's a bit neglected at the moment but next year it's going to look fab! I've got so many ideas - I hope I get the chance to make it happen!

Good idea for go with clematis, too! Especially to hide ugly walls and fences.

Good luck, Agnes!

8 years ago
Agnes 8 years ago

Hi Rosy

There's knowing what you want, and achieving what you want. Sometimes they can be very far apart! The big re-build has begun and I'm out most evening underlights digging, cutting down trees and prepping for new fences. It's going to be a busy spring.

I'll load some photo's up when its worth sharing 😛

8 years ago
BloomingBride 8 years ago

Gosh you guys all make me sound incredibly lazy! I've been in my house for 6 months this month and apart from ripping up an overgrown shrub in the front and mowing the lawn I haven't got round to doing anything! I've got some bulbs and a bag of compost waiting for me and I heard them calling to me over the weekend. I need to get moving if not it'll be too late! 

I bought one of the Appleblossom Hydrangeas Agnes, it is so beautiful! Still being looked after at my Mum's at the mo on the patio but will be relocating it in the spring! 

Be great to see your Photos (not to steal any ideas or tips of course he he) 😉

3 months ago
mikerooney179 3 months ago

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