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Sue Says
An overhead watering system can save you a lot of labour, particularly during hot summers. This system does however, have a couple of drawbacks. The main concern is that your crop may suffer from diseases such as Grey Mould and Blight which are common on tomatoes. Tomatoes grown in greenhouses are particularly susceptible as the humidity is naturally higher than outdoors. An overhead watering system will increase humidity and also disperse the fungal spores between the plants, causing the disease to spread.

On a more general note, there is also the risk of causing damage to the foliage if they are watered from overheads on a bright day. Water droplets magnify the intensity of sunlight on the leaves and literally scorch them. However, this can be avoided by watering at night, or first thing in the morning before the sun becomes too strong. It might be preferable to invest in a ‘leaky pipe’ watering system or drip irrigation for this year, if you still plan to grow tomatoes in the greenhouse.

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