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World’s wildlife is captivating and should be nurtured. Here you can discuss plants to encourage wildlife to your garden, share your wildlife photography or any questions you may have.

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hedgehogs (6 replies)

9 years ago
Pablo 9 years ago

How can I encourage hedgehogs into the garden?

9 years ago
hollyc1990 9 years ago

slugs and snails

9 years ago
FayeHopwood 9 years ago

A great way to encourage Hedgehogs is to have a log/leaf pile/compost in which they can create a home. Ensure if you have a fenced garden there is access underneath the fence so they can roam from garden to garden. Never leave milk out for them as they are lactose intolerant, instead leave them a bowl of water as they drink lots. 

9 years ago
Rosyposy 9 years ago

Hi Pablo

I've heard they like dog food! This time of year they're not out and about as much because they're preparing to hibernate. A compost heap or leaf pile or logs would help them to find a cosy spot to settle down in this winter maybe?

I've never seen a hedgehog in my garden but I know they're there. They have a nice wild spot at the bottom of the garden too so they should be well at home! 🙂

9 years ago
NewHomeNewGarden 9 years ago

Just jumping in on this. If you do manage to see a hedgehog, whether its in your garden or somewhere else don't forget to log it on the Big Hedgehog Map. It's a national conservation project within the UK aimed at Britain's declining hedgehogs. You can find out more here: http://bighedgehogmap.org/what-is-this

Newbie to gardening with a little bit of horti knowledge but still needing all the advice I can get

9 years ago
Rosyposy 9 years ago

Wow! I never knew about this - I'll definitely log any hedgehog activity! Thanks ever so much. It's really interesting.

2 months ago
mikerooney179 2 months ago

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