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Estuary Wildflower Meadow (2 replies)

7 years ago
granddad2015 7 years ago

Looking for advice on seeds/plants to create a wild flower meadow to attract bees, butterfly and anything else.  I can set aside about 450 square yards aside for the meadow plants and when it is established will try to persuade neighbours to do the same.

The area can be occasionally dry, occasionally flooded with brackish estuary water which has killed previous wild flower seeding.  There is good wind protection, sun most of the day, soil seems fertile. 

I grow various types of Armeria,  they do well but seem rather insignificant as far as bees and butterflies are concerned.

1 month ago
helendam 1 month ago

Yellow Rattle (Rhinanthus minor): This wildflower is a semi-parasite that helps to control the growth of grasses, allowing wildflowers to Pokemon Infinite Fusion flourish. It has yellow flowers that bloom from May to July.

3 weeks ago
mikerooney179 3 weeks ago

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