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World’s wildlife is captivating and should be nurtured. Here you can discuss plants to encourage wildlife to your garden, share your wildlife photography or any questions you may have.

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Cotoneaster shrubs (2 replies)

7 years ago
carolb 7 years ago

I have found that a simple cotoneaster (sp) bush is great for attracting blackbirds into the garden, they love the berries.

Carol in Essex

7 years ago
Hemeroholic 7 years ago

Yes & bees love the flowers, sometimes I get Hornets on mine too.

1 year ago
Osbor 1 year ago

The main idea of wild gardens is to naturalize plants in shrubberies. The grass should remain unmoved as in nature, and a few bulbous plants should be grown scattered in the grass to imitate a wild scenery.

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