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Sue Sanderson – our horticulturist expert

Sue Says
The bareroots should be planted at the earliest opportunity following delivery, to a depth of 20cm (8”) deep. They can be planted directly outside however planting them in containers first has proven to be more succesful. They can be transplanted outdoors later on next spring/ early summer. Use a free draining compost such as John Innes No. 2. Importantly, when handling bareroot alstroemeria, take care not to damage the fleshy roots. If you have a greenhouse available then it would be worth keeping them undercover until they are well grown and fully rooted into their pots. They don’t need too much heat but being undercover allows you to control how wet the compost is, as alstroemeria can easily rot off. Try to keep the compost just moist over winter and increase watering when they start into active growth. Next spring/ early summer when they are fully rooted into their pots transplant them outdoors or grouped into large patio pots. Plant them in a sunny or semi shaded position in fertile, moist, well drained soil. However I would certainly recommend applying a thick, dry mulch of bark chips or similar in late autumn to keep the cold off. Alstroemeria prefers to be left undisturbed but can be divided in autumn or early spring if clumps become overcrowded.

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