Sue Sanderson

Sue Sanderson – our horticulturist expert

Sue Says
You mention that your Cherry was indoors. I am wondering whether you moved it outside when it first came into leaf without acclimatising it to outdoor temperatures first. Soft new foliage can easily be damaged by the cold and wind. If this is the case, don’t worry too much. It may lose this first flush of leaves but will soon produce more.

If the shoots are also beginning to decline then you may have a more serious problem. Cherries are particularly prone to Silver Leaf which is caused by fungal spores entering wounds along the stems, such as those caused during pruning. The leaves take on a silvery appearance and may turn brown at the tips. This disease progresses when the branches begin to die back. The spores of Silver Leaf are most prevalent during autumn and winter so Cherries should never be pruned at this time. Prune your cherry during summer instead when the wounds will heal much quicker.

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