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Sue Sanderson – our horticulturist expert

Sue Says
leave any undamaged growth intact and prepare the plant for over-wintering. All Begonias are sensitive to frost – some types can be over-wintered as dry tubers, whilst others remain evergreen in their containers throughout the winter. If the variety of begonia is tuberous then stop watering it now and allow the compost to dry out. Alternatively lift it and clean the tubers and lay them somewhere dry and frost-free to allow the foliage to die completely. The dead foliage can then be removed and the tubers stored in containers of dry sand or peat (or even in paper bags) somewhere cool and frost-free. Keep them at a temperature of 5-10?C. If the Begonia is not a tuberous variety then simply bring it indoors to a bright, cool and frost-free position (a slightly heated greenhouse or bright windowsill is ideal). Water sparingly as Begonias are susceptible to stem and rhizome rot. Plant it back outside in late spring after the risk of frost has passed.

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