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Any ideas for getting rid of horsetail? (3 replies)

8 years ago
Ednaduck 8 years ago

Hi All, 

One of the gardens I  work at has a major horsetail problem. Any ideas for getting rid of it please?

We've tried digging it out but the roots are really deep so you never really get all of them out, we've tried continuously hoeing the tops to try and weaken the roots but this results in the tops dividing and we've tried a biodegradable weedkiller from the Green Gardener which does kill the top growth but then regrows.

We're getting very grumpy with it so if anyone can suggest anything we'd be grateful.

8 years ago
Hemeroholic 8 years ago

It's impossible to get rid of it if it's growing among other plants, as you say digging doesn't work as the roots are up to 7ft deep, hoeing just spreads it more, the only way is using a weedkiller with Glyphosate in, then it would need several applications, (Glyphosate is about to be banned for home use I believe).

There is a reason why it has been around since prehistoric times.

All you can do is pull up any shoots that appear, this should weaken it but it will take a few years.

1 year ago
Johne56ASE 1 year ago

Physical removal: One of the most effective ways to get rid of horsetail is to physically remove it from the soil. This can be done by hand pulling, digging or hoeing. However, be aware that even small pieces of root left in the soil can regenerate. Mulching: Cover the area with a thick layer of mulch, such as wood chips or bark, to deprive the horsetail of light and air. Herbicides: Glyphosate-based herbicides can be effective in controlling horsetail, but be sure to follow the label instructions carefully and avoid using it around desirable plants. Boiling water: Pouring boiling water on the horsetail can kill it, but be careful not to damage nearby plants or burn yourself. Cultural practices: Regularly mowing or trimming the horsetail can weaken it and make it less competitive.

12 months ago
Knowles87 12 months ago

Controlling horsetail (Equisetum) can be challenging. Some methods to consider include:

Consistent digging to remove as much of the root system as possible.
Applying a non-selective herbicide containing glyphosate directly to the horsetail foliage.
Smothering the area with landscape fabric or mulch to prevent regrowth.
Regularly mowing or cutting the horsetail to weaken its growth.
It's essential to combine multiple approaches and be persistent as horsetail can be stubborn to eliminate completely.

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