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How do you get rid of rosemary beetle? (2 replies)

9 years ago
Doris 9 years ago

My lavenders and rosemary have both succumbed to this pretty little pest - I can't keep up with the picking them off and squishing. Anyone got any ideas?

9 years ago
CapsicumKing 9 years ago

Hello Doris,

Its a shame these are such a pest because they are such pretty beetles!

If you are happy to use a chemical spray, and broad spectrum insecticide or bug killer should do the trick there are lots of options at the garden centre. If you are using the rosemary or lavender in your cooking make sure the spray you choose is suitable for edible crops. You should be able to find an organic approved pyrethrum-based spray if chemicals aren't your thing

If you'd rather stay away from sprays all together it comes down to picking the beetles off the plants by hand and squashing them underfoot. They make a most satisfying crunchy sound when you do it on a patio slab! 🙂 

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3 weeks ago
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