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Grapevine mildew (1 reply)

3 years ago
laq1965 3 years ago

I think my grapevine has powdery/downy mildew, can anyone give me any advice on how to treat this please?

2 years ago
CherylDoerr 2 years ago

Its been a year! What have you done to protect your grapevine from the powdery/downy mildew? Spraying sulfur is about the best and easiest method of powdery mildew prevention. Begin spraying soon after bud break and continue on a regular routine of about every ten days. Sulfur will not cure powdery mildew, but it can prevent it. You can control the disease by spraying before, during and after the blooming period. And if nothing works, consulting Loomis pest control is the best solution.

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