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Is your garden plagued with pests & diseases? Share your experiences here for advice and tips on getting your garden back.

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Started by LauraMoan 6 years ago
I have had raspberry canes in my garden for a few years without any problems and producing loads of fruit but this summer there was a plague of caterp...
remove this Last replied to by Doris 6 years ago
Hello, I've seen this on a friend's plants - a complete plague! I think they are a little sawfly caterpillar. If they ar...
Started by Doris 6 years ago
My lavenders and rosemary have both succumbed to this pretty little pest - I can't keep up with the picking them off and squishing. Anyone got any ide...
remove this Last replied to by CapsicumKing 6 years ago
Hello Doris,Its a shame these are such a pest because they are such pretty beetles!If you are happy to use a chemical sp...

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