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Plants to grow for summer fetes (3 replies)

8 years ago
foxyjan 8 years ago

I have been asked to do a plant stall for a charity fundraiser in September - can anyone give me some ideas of what to start growing now for it or what I can grow cuttings of?    Also trying to think of the time of year for them being bought and put in buyers gardens 🙂  Any advice is welcome!!


8 years ago
carolb 8 years ago

What about universal pansies , Violas or polyanthus? They could be planted out and make a show from early spring onwards.

Foxgloves would be able to go in and provide a show from next spring/ summer, rudbeckias make nice colour.

Just a few thoughts for you.

Carol in Essex

Thompson & Morgan
8 years ago
Thompson & Morgan 8 years ago

Hi foxyjan,

If it is of any use to you, we can supply a charity pack of seeds, if you would like to grow those. If you email us on then we would be happy to help.

Kind Regards


2 months ago
mikerooney179 2 months ago

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