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Started by Gardening_Graham 9 years ago
"Perennials are the ones that grow like weeds, biennials are the ones that die this year instead of next, and hardy annuals are the ones that never co...
remove this Last replied to by mikerooney179 3 days ago
I really like the way that you have expressed yourself. There is a lot to be admired from this post. You might want to c...
Started by Rosyposy 8 years ago
What on earth has happened to the weather!!!!!? Monday was -4 and they reckon it'll be 14+ over the weekend. What's going on? Is anyone else scared b...
remove this Last replied to by mikerooney179 2 months ago
Thanks for sharing informative post. It is one of the best site that I have visited. Hope you will share more quality bl...
Started by Gardening_Graham 8 years ago
I heard on the radio this morning that the collective noun for a group of ladybirds is a "loveliness" (because they were all once regarded as being f...
remove this Last replied to by old git 8 years ago
At a local horticultural college they had a grumble of caretakers.
Started by NewHomeNewGarden 8 years ago
I thought it would be fun to start a song which has its lyrics changed to be gardening themed. I will start the first line and the next person has to ...
remove this Last replied to by Gardening_Graham 8 years ago
Where they all, the little honey bees?Buzzin’ round the plants, flowers and the trees,I want some honey honey, don’t...

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