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Slow growing plants (2 replies)
6 years ago 6 years ago

My begonias are not doing too well, particularly Non-Stop Mocca, Apricot Shades and Organdy. Everything else in the green house seems to be thriving including the Funky Pink. They were dispatched between 22nd and 29th April and planted in trays immediately in a heated greenhouse, in full sun with 50% shading. Is it too soon to feed them? If so, which is the best feed to give them? Thank you in anticipation/
6 years ago 6 years ago

Forum insists on a comment - not sure what I am to comment about!!

6 years ago
carolb 6 years ago

Hi I hope by now that your begonias are doing a whole lot better, since no one else seems to have bothered talking to you. Mine have been slow this year to, although they have flowered, I think its been the stop start weather.

Carol in Essex

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