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Over wintering Daphne (1 reply)

Keen gardener
2 years ago
Keen gardener 2 years ago

Hi can anybody advise how to over winter my pot Daphne plants please?

2 years ago
SoCalMike 2 years ago

Hi Keen Gardener,

Daphnes can vary in cold hardiness depending on the species and source. You'll need to determine which daphne you have (to species, at least), and then consider it's origin (nursery production). The species will determine the broad scope of hardiness, but the plants origin and cultural conditions will help refine the cold tolerance.

For instance, cold and wet is often a bad combo. Where the ground freezes, that's not such a big deal, but if you're in a part of the mid-west that has cold rainy winters, with temperatures dipping below the 20 degree mark, it may be a big deal for a potted daphne. Freeze-thaw cycles and cold wet feet can damage many plants.

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