Identification/ What’s that plant?
Don’t know what it is ? If you need help identifying a plant then post your photos here for help.

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What is the Plant? (3 replies)

5 years ago
Cropduster 5 years ago

Having just moved in to a new garden I would like to identify this plant so I can move them in preparation for restyling the garden. It is about 5" tall and each has 3 long, tubular flowers, each with 3 petals and the lower one has a fine yellow stripe about 10mm long.
5 years ago
Cropduster 5 years ago

Found it! I reckon it's a an Iris reticulata "Purple Hill" ??

1 month ago
HenryWatson 1 month ago

As a student, I also face the challenge of identifying the plants in my garden. Here are some tips that can help in this process. Start with a photo of the plants and use online resources such as nurse writing services to find identification keys or ask in gardening community forums. Pay attention to the features of the leaves, flowers and stems to find relevant information

4 weeks ago
mikerooney179 4 weeks ago

Pretty! This was a really wonderful article. Many thanks for supplying this
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