Identification/ What’s that plant?
Don’t know what it is ? If you need help identifying a plant then post your photos here for help.

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Strange looking flower....or is it something else? (3 replies)

3 years ago
BlueMoon 3 years ago

My daughter sent me this photo to see if I knew what it was. I don’t so I’m asking if anyone else does.
5 months ago
tommchris7 5 months ago

If you can provide more information Uno Online or a description, I'd be happy to try to identify the flower or offer more information about it.

2 months ago
jame123 2 months ago

The flower in the photo appears to be a type of morning  retro bowl glory, possibly a blue moonflower (Ipomoea alba).

2 months ago
Marialin 2 months ago

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