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Are these easy to grow for cut flowers? (3 replies)

Keyleigh Alice
8 years ago
Keyleigh Alice 8 years ago

Are these easy to grow for cut flowers? I loved the ones I got for my birthday and want to try and grow them.  Any advice would be great... thanks KA
8 years ago
Rosyposy 8 years ago

Hi Keyleigh Alice

I love irises! They are very easy to grow from tubers so you just plant them as you would any bulbs. They like the soil to be free draining and you mustn't plant them too deeply because they're prone to rot. But they don't need much looking after at all. The scented ones are especially lovely when you put them in a vase indoors. Some of them will have a second flush in Autumn so you can bring colour indoors in the autumn.

They're stunning aren't they?  Give it a go!  Let me know how you get on... !


8 years ago
Florexpert 8 years ago

Hi Keyleigh Alice,These are Dutch Irises, used mostly as cut flowers and discarded thereafter.However if you plant them out in the garden, they actually come back year after year!They might not be as glamorous as the bearded Irises, but they are a really useful cut flower.Look out for the very dark 'Midnight Passion', the softer sky blue 'Sky Wings' and the pure white 'White Wedgewood', all three varieties work very well in combination with other colours to compose really nice bouquets!

2 weeks ago
mikerooney179 2 weeks ago

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