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Sue Says
Given that you have grown several different types of fuchsia and they have all suffered the same problem, our first thought is that they may be too wet. Plug plants have very delicate root systems and if they are over watered, the roots will quickly rot causing the leaves to drop and the plant to wither. Make sure that they are potted up in the right size pot; a 7.5 or 9cm diameter pot is big enough for most plug plants. Try to keep the compost evenly moist – it is better to let them dry out slightly between waterings than to keep them consistently wet.

Fuchsias are also particularly prone to Botrytis (Grey Mould) which thrives in poorly ventilated, wet conditions. Grey Mould affects the leaves and stems and causes the plant to wilt and die. So again, this can be prevented by not over watering and by improving air circulation. You may also need to move them to a brighter windowsill. Although plugs should be shaded from very intense sunlight, at this time of the year they are unlikely to be scorched by the sun except on the hottest of days, and you can always shade them with shade-netting or fleece when it is really sunny.

It’s always tricky to diagnose a problem without seeing the plant.

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