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Evergreen , Trailing Plant for Coverage (3 replies)

8 years ago
Ryanguevara1983 8 years ago

I need to cover an unsightly (horizontal) beam of wood and am hoping to use plants. The idea is to place troughs on top of the beam, and grow trailing plants that will cover both the planters and the beam. The obvious answer is a fast growing ivy, but does anybody know of others ? Fast growing, trailing, evergreen? Thanks.

8 years ago
Ryanbeee 8 years ago

I know someone who has used a Clematis for a similar thing, and that looks really nice for most of the year. Maybe something to try?


8 years ago
Florexpert 8 years ago

There are some evergreen Clematis like C. armandii, the variety 'Appleblossom' is really nice, but this will only work in a sheltered spot away from the wind.

You could also try Vinca, some periwinkles also have nice variegated leaves.

Another to think about would be Trachelospermum, but again a sheltered spot would be preferable.

Campanula poscharskyana should be evergreen in most situation. 'Stella' is a nice one. 'Blue Waterfall' is also good, with a very long flowering period.

Hope it helps 🙂

8 years ago
Rosyposy 8 years ago

Hi Ryanguevara1983

If you want some colour too have you thought about aubretia? They're not fast growing but I love them. You could grow some annuals like nasturtiums or lobelia or trailing petunias to add some colour while you wait for the evergreens to do their thing?

I'm excited to know what you'll end up with!

🙂 🙂

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