Getting Started In Your Garden
Being a beginner gardener can be a little daunting. This section is all about sharing beginners advice, choosing the right plants, garden designs and inspiration to help get you started.

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does "full sun" mean all day (5 replies)

6 years ago
floswift 6 years ago

Hi  new to this forum and still learning a lot about gardening !  I have just created a new border that faces south east. Unfortunately there is a large beautifull willow tree nearby. Hence this border gets  total full sun only up till midday... then it goes into dappled shade until about 6 .. when the sun comes back around the willow. I would like to plant Verbena bonariensis , Lavatera and Buddlejah .. do you think these plants will get enough sun ?  thanks

4 months ago
almas 4 months ago

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