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problem with Aprium or Apricot tree (1 reply)

5 years ago
als.shetland 5 years ago

I purchased bare root trees last year and they survived the winter but the labels blew off. I transplanted them into my polycrub (Shetland version of polytunnel) in March and everything has come on great apart from 1 tree which is either an apricot or aprium. It is still exactly the same - no branches or leaves have grown apart from a few tiny leaves at the very top. The same happened with the peach tree but the leaves were at the bottom so I cut the tree down to half the size and it started thriving. I have done the same with the Aprium or Apricot but nothing has happened. Now I'm not sure if it is still alive. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

4 years ago
carolb 4 years ago

It sounds to me as  if it has died, try scraping a bit of bark off and seeing if it is green underneath, if its not then it will definitely be dead.

Carol in Essex

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