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Planting newly arrived fruit trees (No replies)

2 years ago
randolph_c 2 years ago

I just had fruit trees delivered, and have few questions about planting....

What I have are:

Apple 'Gala' - Rootstock: M27.

Apple 'Golden Delicious' - Rootstock: M9.

Cherry 'Sylvia' -  Rootstock: Gisella 6.

Pear 'Doyenne du Comice' -  Quince A.

Plum 'Black Amber' -  Rootstock: Ferlinain.

If I want to plant them in ground, what is the minimum distance of the tree (stem) to my house. My concern is if the roots grow horizontally, they would arrive my house and damage the footing of the house.


On the Thompson Morgan website, the trees are supposed to be planted in 60cm (2’) diameter containers. If I plant them in ground, do I have to dig holes of 60cm diameter?


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