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Patio Fruit Trees (1 reply)

Baridon Babe
7 years ago
Baridon Babe 7 years ago


I have 6 patio fruit trees, 2 Golden Delicious Apples, 1 Gala Apple, I Sylvia cherry, 1 'Doyenne du Commice' Pear and 1 Black Amber Plum. This summer was the 3rd year for the Cherry but the 2nd year for the others. Although I had blossom on all the trees apart from the plum only the apple trees have produced any fruit. Unfortunately I live in a windy area of the North East of England, so although there was a lot of blossom on the pear it was blown off quite quickly before fruit was produced and the start of formation of fruit on the cherry was blown off. As I am a relatively new gardener I wondered if there was anything I could do to try and avoid the same happening next year, would something like gardening fleece (I think it's called) help to protect the tree. This may be a totally ridiculous idea (said I was new to gardening) but would be pleased for any ideas. Thanks in anticipation

7 years ago
carolb 7 years ago

I don't think fleece would make any difference  here, its more likely because the tree is so young its dropping its blossom to save its energy for root growth, fleece would help protect the blossom from frosts at night but would need removing during the day to allow bees to pollinate the blossom.

Carol in Essex

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