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fruit / nut tree recommendation (2 replies)

8 years ago
globalmouse 8 years ago

Hello! We had a large crab apple tree in our garden which without warning last summer fell over - it looked like it was rotten inside although it was flowering and producing lots of fruit. We want to replace it, preferably with a fruit or nut tree....does anyone have any recommendations of something that will grow quite tall (as the crab apple was usefully blocking the view from neighbouring properties)... Thank you!

8 years ago
NewHomeNewGarden 8 years ago

Hi globalmouse,

What sort of height are you thinking? I was researching Apple trees for my garden last year, as I have an old apple tree which has become straggly through lack of care of the previous home owner. There are different what they call rootstocks which determine what sort of height the tree will eventually reach.

Are you looking for up to 2m, between 2-3m or over 3m? 🙂

Newbie to gardening with a little bit of horti knowledge but still needing all the advice I can get

8 years ago
Ednaduck 8 years ago

We have a walnut tree which is getting quite tall. The only downside is that it takes a while for it to produce walnuts. We had a few last year but I think the squirrels got to them before we did. I think this is a downside to most nut trees, so beware if you have squirrels about.

As NewHomeNewGarden suggests research roots stocks when looking at fruit trees.

I'd also be careful about planting an apple tree in the same spot just in case there was a disease which killed your apple tree., as it may still be present.

Hope this helps

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