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Blueberries (No replies)

1 year ago
Derrick 1 year ago

I have bought some blueberry bushes, now I want to give them a good start in life

I have bought all the right fertilizers, they are going into pots for their first year of life and will come inside for the winter

I have been told that coffee grounds help the soil become more acid, I use it on my plants outside, they did very well this year (I do drink a lot of coffee)

So would it help them in pots and being indoors ?

I have several varieties of blueberries

I would like to get a soil test kit, just to see what the soil is like in my garden, any suggestions ?

(This year I grew a lot of wild flowers, they tok over the top half of my garden, there was a lot of weds, so they have all gone in the compost bin now, along with the grass cuttings, it will be there a year or more I guess, I hope it all rots down well)

Oh, well have a good autumn, not too wet, not too dry

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