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Apple tree (3 replies)

6 years ago
Brian19 6 years ago


I have a mini apple tree in my garden which is about 5-7 years old it’s in a very large tub so plenty of root room for it for some unknown reason to me a slight knock to to tree a few apples will fall of as they are now the fruit is not very big about the size of a 10p piece ,can someone tell why the fruit is dropping off please am I over / under watering it or something I don’t know but would be most appreshiative if some one could put some light on it 

thank you 

6 years ago
Micky 6 years ago


I have apple trees in containers I believe what you have described is quite normal around June/July the tree drops some of the newly formed Apple's so the tree is not overloaded with fruit and the ones left on the tree will develop into fully grown ripened apples. I live in North Devon here we refer to it as the June drop.  I give my Apple trees in containers a 6ltr watering can of water every other day, with a general purpose feed once a week.  Hope this is helpful.

5 years ago
MinnieDo 5 years ago

I do agree with you Micky.

5 years ago
Newbytish 5 years ago

Hi just bought the five fruit tree pack and need advice on planting them as there dwarf can they go in ground or in pots if pots what size would you recommend any other tips would be great thanks

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