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Tree Peony (Chinese) (1 reply)

6 years ago
dorothie 6 years ago

Someone has just given me one of these for my birthday. It is in a small pot and is about 12 inches tall with some new leaves just starting to sprout. Can I plant it outside now?

I know they are winter-hardy and like to be planted directly in the ground, but would it be better to put it in a larger pot outside now and then move in the autumn? If I do this, should I protect from frost?


6 years ago
carolb 6 years ago

I do not know for certain how you should treat your tree peony but I would say that if you have had a lot of frost recently I would wait until the ground thaws before planting it out, it should be fine in its currant pot until the weather is a bit warmer.

Carol in Essex

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