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Tips needed for looking after indoor begonia plants (2 replies)

8 years ago
yellowclare 8 years ago

Can anyone suggest the best way to look after my indoor begonias that I bought just before Xmas? I never have much luck at looking after these indoors. Please help before I kill them 🙁

8 years ago
Rosyposy 8 years ago

Hi yellowclare

Are they still alive? 🙂 

I love my begonias and love having them in the house over the winter. They look so delicate and I've got lots of different colours, too.  Best tip I've got is don't overwater them! I stand my pots on pebble trays and I've got one with pretty marbles instead of just pebbles. Looks really pretty. Don't splash the leaves when you water them either cos they rot. 

Put them on a windowsill but not in full sun cos they'll dry out. I pinch mine out when they get leggy and they grow new leaves quite quickly.

Good luck yellowclare!

8 years ago
Florexpert 8 years ago

Hi Yellowclare,

If you keep your plants just moist and leave them dry out a little between each watering (just leave the surface of the compost become dry while it is still most beneath), they should be fine.

Indoor Begonias can also go dormant after flowering, which does not mean they are necessarily dead. They often re-sprout later in the spring.

Hope it helps 🙂

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