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Sorry looking buddleja (4 replies)

5 years ago
tealy25 5 years ago

Hello, newbie forum member here. I have a very sad looking buddleja at the moment. Bought from T&M last year and it did well. It's planted in a fairly large container, was looking good until a about a month ago and I noticed that it the plant was beginning to loose its leaves and looking all 'stalky'. I was watering all my containers, then when it looked worse I wondered if i might have been giving the plant too much water so stopped  (read that the roots could rot). Well now it looks awful no sign of flowers at all, some leaves are curling up and the odd one has brown patches on. Spider mite is around but when I've checked the plant i can't see any. Help! is this beyond saving? not sure what's happened or what to do for the best. 

mclean ross
3 months ago
mclean ross 3 months ago

You should be aware that while over-watering can lead to root rot, over-watering can also cause stress and leaf drop. It is important to achieve balance. Test the soil moisture by inserting your finger about 1 inch into the soil. If it feels dry at that depth, it may be time to water. Make sure the container has proper drainage to avoid waterlogging. Don't be sad, have fun with the dinosaur game, and regain your spirit to prepare for new plantings.

3 months ago
namdosan1409 3 months ago
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3 months ago
bekean 3 months ago

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2 months ago
jame123 2 months ago

Buddlejas generally appreciate well-draining soil buckshot roulette and a balanced fertilizer. Consider providing a slow-release fertilizer suitable for flowering plants to encourage healthy growth.

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