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Quick growing climber plant - flowers/fruit all year round (1 reply)

6 years ago
sarahanitahall 6 years ago


Would anyone know what climber plants would be good to grow across the front of our house? I would like a plant that the birds/bees/insects/animals love as I am growing (attempting) to grow a wildflower garden in our front garden.

I would like it fast growing so I don't have to wait years to see the beauty and something that has colour all year around even if it is just the leaves. 

And maybe something I don't have to prune alot! 


6 years ago
Florexpert 6 years ago

Hi Sarahanitahall,

I would recommend Lonicera etrusca 'Superba' as it does not get plagued by aphids as other honeysuckles but should still provide lots of flowers, fragrance and berries. Pyracanthas in the Saphyr range are also a good option, with very colourful berries.

If the front of your house is not too exposed to the wind, Solanum jasminoides and Trachelospermum asiaticum are also good options, especially the very fragrant 'Toscana' or 'Pink Showers'.

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