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Hibiscus luna (1 reply)

8 years ago
Maxiils 8 years ago


i have purchased the large flowered hibiscus Luna (for the second time).  The first didn't have any signed of life and never gained any.

this time there are lots of shoots and it's looking hopeful.

i would like all the help I can get.  They are currently in a little water but I want to get going fast.

i was going to use general purpose with magic growing granuals in a two layered pot (water concerving).  I was also going to grow indoors or at least acclimatise over a few weeks once they had got established before leaving out.  I'm also wondering how best to over winter them?

has anyone got these growing who could help with plenty of hints and tips please?

huge thanx in advance.

8 years ago
Florexpert 8 years ago

Hi Maxiils,

Hibiscus 'Luna' is a selection of the wild H. moscheutos, which grows in near swamp conditions in Eastern USA.

It starts into growth very late every year, sometimes not before June.So don't despair when you see no green shoots in spring!

It is actually bone hardy provided there is plenty of moisture in the soil and it gets full sun.

You won't get many flowers in the UK as it would prefer the very hot and humid climate of Eastern USA. However you can promote more branching and therefore more flowers with a single pinch once the plant has a few leaves. You just pinch the end of the main shoot.

Some years they do not flower in the UK as the summer is not long enough. This might all change with climate change 🙂

Hope it grows for you!

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