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Help with a money tree (2 replies)

8 years ago
Greenhousegirl 8 years ago

Does anyone know if my money tree will overwinter in an unheated greenhouse ok?

8 years ago
Gardening_Graham 8 years ago

Hi Greenhousegirl! 

If you're talking about the Crassula ovata (the succulent money tree), and not about a plant you've grown that produces £10 notes, then I would keep it indoors if at all possible. I wouldn't let it drop below about 7 degrees Celcius as I'd hate it to go all mushy inside 🙁 

Old Gardeners never die, they just throw in the trowel

8 years ago
Rosyposy 8 years ago

Hi Greenhousegirl

I'd agree with Gardening_Graham. They are better off in the house. I love them as they just keep growing, getting bigger and bigger!

Please let me be the first to know if your plant grows £10 notes! 


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