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Eucomis (7 replies)

9 years ago
Moomin 9 years ago

I have eucomis bulbs growing in a large container. I've had them for 18 months now. They overwintered well but they're getting crowded now. Can I dig them up and divide them? What is the best time of year to do this?

9 years ago
Oldchap 9 years ago

Hi Moomin

As they become dormant in Winter I would have though they can be moved when the foliage has died down. Spacing about 3in between bulbs should do it. If we get a bad winter though, you might want to get the container in a greenhouse or give it some protection

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9 years ago
Moomin 9 years ago

Thank you Old Chap.  I'll give it a go but it'll probably be next year as it's still flowering atm.


8 years ago
steve 8 years ago

They usually produce viable seed as well after flowering, I have grown many like this (even Sparkling Burgandy)

8 years ago
Moomin 8 years ago

Hi Steve

My eucomis did have seeds but I didn't do anything with them this year. They've all died back now. It's so mild still. I wonder if we'll have snow later in 2016?  I'll have to wait until March/April time before I do anything with them I reckon.

Roll on the summer!

1 year ago
helendam 1 year ago

Eucomis bulbs, also known as pineapple lilies, can be divided to rejuvenate the plants and prevent overcrowding. The best time to divide Eucomis bulbs is in early spring or early autumn when the plants are dormant or just beginning to show new growth.

2 months ago
mikerooney179 2 months ago

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