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Duchess of edinburgh clematis (No replies)

3 years ago
Rachel57 3 years ago

Can anyone help please?

My Husband bought me a Duchess of Edinburgh clematis in June this year. When I planted it stood about 12inches high, had very few lefs and had 2 double white flowers on it. I planted it in a 12 inch terracotta pot and trained it around the pergola. I put geraniums in the pot too. During summer I got 1 more single flower. The main stem is thin and brown and overall  it looks sparse. Today I have taken out the geraniums and looked at it thinking it might possibly be dead! But I don't know? The last clematis I had was bountiful in flowers and covered my full wall but that was planted in the ground.

I'd really appreciate some advice for this novice gardener please.

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