Sue Sanderson

Sue Sanderson – our horticulturist expert

Sue Says
Grow hardy varieties of plants or plants with a quick growth cycle (up to 90 days) to make the most of the short seasons found at high altitudes.
• Check the soil pH before planting and choose plants that can tolerate the soil conditions present. Alternatively improve the soil e.g. if the soil is alkaline, you may need to add sulphur to lower the pH. Digging in organic matter will greatly improve the soil structure too.
• Grow plants in raised beds as the soil warms up faster. This also enables you to improve the soil and provide more nutrients for growth if the soil is naturally poor.
• Mulch around plants to retain water, which can be lost in drying winds. This also acts as insulation and helps to moderate soil temperature.
• Placing boulders and stones around beds may add warmth as they absorb and retain heat from the sun.
• Local nurseries may be able to advise you on plants that are suited to growing conditions in your area.

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