How do you prune a grafted apple tree?

Sue SaysPruning apple trees normally begins immediately after planting. Remove the central stem to just above the highest side branch. For the following 3 years, prune only the tips of the remaining main branches by one third in winter. Aim for about six main branches...

How do I get rid of pests on my cherry tree?

Sue SaysIt is possible that the cause might be Cherry aphid. These aphids attack the soft, young growth from spring to autumn causing leaves to yellow and curl. The small black aphids are normally found on the underside of leaves and could easily be mistaken for eggs....

What is wrong with my Victoria plum tree?

Sue SaysPlums (particularly Victoria) are highly susceptible to ‘Silver Leaf’ fungus which is particularly prevalent during mild, wet winters, and enters the plant through pruning wounds or abrasions. This is why plums and cherries should always be pruned in the...

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