How and when should I prune my blueberries?

Sue SaysBlueberries fruit on stems produced in the previous year and should not need to be pruned in their first 3 years except for the removal of dead, damaged or diseased stems. After 3 years, begin to prune out the oldest stems at their base between late autumn and...

Can I prune my Honeyberry plant?

Sue SaysTheir pruning requirements are similar to that of blueberries in that they flower and fruit on wood that is a year or more old. Cut back about a quarter of the oldest shoots to the base after you’ve finished harvesting the fruits. If you feel you need to cut...

How do I get rid of woolly aphids?

Sue SaysI would suggest that you use a systemic insecticide such as Bayer Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Ready to Use to reduce the aphid population.In winter use an oil winter wash such as Growing Success Winter Tree Wash to remove overwintering aphid eggs. This winter...

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