How do I treat rust spots on a pear tree?

Sue SaysThis could be European Pear Rust, a fungal infection. It’s best if you can remove the affected leaves and destroy them to prevent the spores spreading. If this isn’t possible then ensure you rake all the leaves up in the autumn and burn them (don’t compost...

What is wrong with my Victoria plum tree?

Sue SaysPlums (particularly Victoria) are highly susceptible to ‘Silver Leaf’ fungus which is particularly prevalent during mild, wet winters, and enters the plant through pruning wounds or abrasions. This is why plums and cherries should always be pruned in the...

How do you treat gooseberry mildew?

Sue SaysThe coating of powdery white fungal spores tends to appear under humid conditions at this time of the year, and is particularly seen when the plants are dry at their roots.To treat it, spray the plants with a systemic fungicide on a dry, overcast day. There...

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