Why does my buddleja have brown spots?

Sue SaysYour Buddleja may be suffering from fungal leaf spot which is caused by thousands of different fungi species and affects a wide range of plants. Fungal problems tend to be exacerbated by wet, humid conditions. The recent warm, wet weather that we have...

How do I treat powdery mildew?

Sue SaysPowdery mildew will thrive in the hot dry weather. To prevent powdery mildew it may be helpful to mulch your plants in spring and water them regularly to reduce stress and make them less prone to infection. Removing and destroying the infected parts will...

Has honey fungus hit my abutilon tree?

Sue SaysAbutilon are tropical or sub-tropical plants and can withstand temperatures to about -5?C but may well have struggled this winter. Once the plant has died any number of beneficial fungi and bacteria can feed off the dead material. Also, Abutilon species are...

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