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<p>Check the stem just above ground. If bark has been eaten, usually girdling stem: vine weevil are probably the cause. The bark is eaten by white grubs in the soil usually in late summer or over winter. Adults notch the leaves in spring. Vine weevil are more of a problem in pots and indoors than in the garden. Most commercial plants are protected by compost insecticide. Beware amateur gifts of Primulas, strawberries and other weevil favourites in case there are grubs in the compost. <a href="">Flappy Bird</a></p>

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What Is Wrong With My Rhododendron?

<p>I have a large rhododendron that we moved a couple of years ago and has been fine up until this year. From the front all appears well and the plant has plenty of buds. From the top and back of the plant, it looks as though much of it has died, half at least. Should I move it? Is there anything I can do to prevent it from dying? </p>


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