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<p>Check hardiness rating and for bark split. 2009-10 Winter was very severe all over Europe. Worst affected were plants in containers as the roots froze solid. Most rhododendrons and azaleas came through well and most of those damaged have grown from below, at Glendoick. Northern Europe had very severe conditions in Spring 2013 but what I observed many plants, especially dwarf lepidotes are producing young growth and will recover. Bark split is typically caused by late frosts in Spring or early Autumn frosts when sap is running in the stem of the plant. It can heal up but a bad case of barksplit can kill young plants. It can often take 6-9 months before you notice a sudden collapse. Check the stem at the base of the plant.</p>

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What Is Wrong With My Rhododendron?

<p>I have a large rhododendron that we moved a couple of years ago and has been fine up until this year. From the front all appears well and the plant has plenty of buds. From the top and back of the plant, it looks as though much of it has died, half at least. Should I move it? Is there anything I can do to prevent it from dying? </p>


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