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Hi Yellowclare,

You could try Eryngium bourgatii (sorry it’s a bit spiky…), Euphorbia rigida, most roses (in full sun), Perovskia, Asters (still go for A. amellus or A. x frikartii if you want no mildew though!), Achilleas, Rudbeckias, Pennisetum, Hostas (with slug bait!), Sedums, Heucheras, Lamiums….

For the shrubs, try Mahonias (yummy winter scent…), Sarcococca, Aucuba, Viburnums, Nandina, Euonymus, Hydrangeas (best in half shade), Callicarpa (nice purple berries!), Photinias, Weigelas…

I’m sure there are plenty more that it gives you a start:)

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What can I grow in clay soil?


My garden has areas of heavy clay soil. When wet this becomes water-logged and why hot the soil bakes. What are the best sorts of shrubs and perennials for this type of soil?

Thank you



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