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Weedy compacted lawn on clay – any advice?

<p>Says it all really: my lawn is weedy and mossy, and to make matters worse, it's on clay and quite compacted.</p>
<p>My plan is as follows: treat with lawn weed and feed, and give it a week or so</p>
<p>Then aerate with some kind of tool: any ideas of what works best with clay soil?</p>
<p>Then try to get out the worst of the moss. Someone told me about a moss treatment that doesn't need the moss raking out. Any thoughts on that?</p>
<p>Then treat bald patches with some kind of product with grass-seed in it.</p>
<p>And water.</p>
<p>Is there a better plan that won't require the strength and stamina of an Olympic athlete or a team of garden slaves for a week, or indeed, a new lawn to be laid?</p>


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