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Gosh you guys all make me sound incredibly lazy! I’ve been in my house for 6 months this month and apart from ripping up an overgrown shrub in the front and mowing the lawn I haven’t got round to doing anything! I’ve got some bulbs and a bag of compost waiting for me and I heard them calling to me over the weekend. I need to get moving if not it’ll be too late! 

I bought one of the Appleblossom Hydrangeas Agnes, it is so beautiful! Still being looked after at my Mum’s at the mo on the patio but will be relocating it in the spring! 

Be great to see your Photos (not to steal any ideas or tips of course he he) 😉

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Starting from scratch!


Having recently moved into my first home, I am now excitedly planning my garden remodel for next spring! I’ve thrown in lots of spring bulbs at the front but the back needs a lot of work!

I love gardening but can only dedicate little time as I am very busy bee! Does anyone have any recommendations for fuss free gardening?

I have some potted hydrangea’s that I am going to transfer into the garden, but would like more! I’ll be throwing in some Buddleja Buzz too!


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