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<p>Hi Nikki! It sounds like the plant you repotted might be a mature form of cress called watercress. Watercress has thick stems, large flat leaves with crinkled edges, and can resemble brassica plants. It is safe to eat, and actually quite nutritious! Watercress is often used in salads and sandwiches for its peppery flavor. As for its size, watercress can grow quite large, especially if it has access to ample water. It's best to harvest it when the leaves are young and tender for the best flavor. Enjoy your gardening journey!  <a href="">Target 401k</a></p>
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Soil Cress

<p>Hia all, I'm a complete gardening beginner and decided to repot a load of herbs into larger composted pots. Stupidly didn't label them all and now I have no idea whats what! Think I potted up a bought supermarket cress pot, but its gone huge! Looks like a brassica leaf with thick stem and large flat, crinkled-edge leaves. Just wondering if its safe to eat and how big will it grow? Thanks, Nikki.</p>


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