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<p>Hello boatingbelle,  I buy pot-grown hyacinths and narcissi most years and display them in the entrance vestibule,  where it is cool but fairly well lit.  My wife likes to put some on the kitchen windowsill where is it can be rather hot.  I find the ones from the vestibule transplant readily into the garden – I deadhead them first but keep the leaves and plant out as soon as the risk of severe frost has passed. The ones from the kitchen are less successful but still worth a try.  Over the years I've filled a border four feet wide by 40 feet long.  I have about 90% success so it is well worth trying,  maybe best to harden off somewhere cool but well lit for a week or two if yours are in a hot room.  Oh, and I water them in with Growmore feed, just to give a start. After about 6 years the flowers start to look weak so I gradually replace the bulbs.  Picture shows narcissi,  they come first and to the right you can see hyacinths in bud – they are in the ground from three years ago.  Good luck</p>

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Replanting pot grown spring bulbs

<p>Can I transplant spring bulbs grown in containers into the garden when they are finished? Should I leave the leaves to die down or can they be planted 'in the green'</p>


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