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In case you would like a more organic way of dealing with Lily beetle, I would recommend planting tolerant varieties. Some lilies are less attractive to the dreaded beetle, like Lilium ‘Defender’, L. regale, L. henryi ‘Madame Butterfly’, L. speciosum ‘Uchida’ and the famous L. ‘Black Beauty’ developed by Leslie Woodriff, the very same who bred ‘Star Gazer’ (unfortunately ‘Star Gazer’ isn’t Lily beetle proof…)L. ‘Black Beauty’ is itself the result of a cross between L. henryi and L. speciosum, so it should get beetle resistance from both sides :)If you have other lilies about and they do get beetles, it is best to act swiftly as soon as they appear, by crushing the adults and the eggs. The adults also have the annoying habit of dropping off the plant and playing dead as soon as you try picking them, don’t be fooled, they’ll climb back up and munch more leaves as soon as you’re not looking!

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Red Lily beetle


I had some really nice Lillies this year, which flowered well with huge blooms. Unfortunately, the rest of the plant was destroyed by red lily beetle. They are still on there now and I am no afraid it will really harm the plants. Is there anything I can do?


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